About the Wife

Recently, I've been very intrigued by different blogs and what great resources they can be (emphasis on the can since you have to weed through the bad ones). So I've decided to start one and hopefully it's one of those great resources I was talking about.

I married my best friend, Troy, on Friday, November 13th 2009 a little after 5:30pm EST and thus my 'wifey life' began! It has been a crazy road so far and I have become more domesticated than I ever thought I'd be and I continue to want to be better.  Quite frankly, I never thought I'd ever love baking, cooking, gardening, coupon clipping, caring for pets, finding ways to become more green, finding new ways to clean things but I've loved every minute of it and hope to inspire wives and moms with things I am learning along my domestication journey.

Troy is the lead pastor of our church, CityChurch of Olive Branch. I am a full time wife and mom to a toddler, Judah, and newborn, Alexa. I work very, very part time doing accounts receivable/payable work at my old job and I clean and do administrative work at our church a few hours a week.