Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Upcycled Wicker Chairs

Upcycle: to reuse an object or materials to create a product of higher value or quality than the original object or materials (from macmillandictionary.com)

I'm not going to lie, upcycle is my new favorite word. Basically you take something that could be thrown away and add to it to make it better or more functional. We got the great idea to take these ugly white wicker chairs and spray paint them black. I bought about 7 cans of spray paint for $1.25 each at Family Dollar so we didn't spend much and it looks fantastic! Here is the before picture:

And now I use the old cushion as a knee pad for my when I'm thinning or weeding my plants. Win, win!
It was a little time consuming and your fingers will definitely hate you after it's over but it's pretty simple. I would recommend spraying the chairs over grass that needs cutting and not over cement like the previous owners of our house did! They turned out pretty spectacular if I do say so myself and we might actually use them now!

Have you upcycled anything recently? Or ever?

It's addicting... as is spray paint... I first spray painted our ugly mail box black and had some paint left over so I thought, what else? Hence our newly painted wicker chairs. I can't wait to have another project where I'm using some spray paint!


  1. Don't think I've ever upcycled. But I've watched with pride as my wifey has.

  2. Yeah!!! Way to go! I looooove upcycling! I upcycled our current kitchen table... found it in the basement of my very first apartment, and it became an art project (it now has a mural type look to it, but in table form... if that makes sense haha)